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Cork Gaskets
Readymade Rubber Cork & Plain Cork Gasket Components

If you manufacture a product that insulates, cushions, or seals, Rubber Cork is the smart alternative.

Only Rubber Cork has true compressibility. Other materials under pressure crush, distort, or extrude. But Rubber Cork will truly compress with negligible sideflow. Why? Only Rubber Cork has natural cork granules uniformity dispersed throughout and cork has unique characteristics. It is make of cells with walls of a strong resinous substance that is flexible but will not stretch.

Trapped inside each cell is a pocket of air, in fact cork is 90% air (by volume). Under pressure the air inside is squeezed into a smaller space but because the cell is airtight, the compressed air maintains counter pressure until the force is released. (A one inch cube of pure cork can be compressed to 1/2 inch under 4000 psi without breakage and return to 90% of its original height).

By itself, cork is amazing, but remarkably when combined with synthetic rubber we get the properties of the polymer plus the benefit of true compressibility. This unique combination opens up worlds of possibilities in a variety of applications.




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