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MGP manufactures conventional, custom metal, and specialty shims of all kinds. Whether you need a prototype, short run or production run, MGP can meet your requirements. Our commitment to quality and guarantee that your shims will be produced to meet your exact specifications. Orders for shims as thin as .001" or as thick as 6" in any shape, size or material can be met with our advanced equipment which includes stamping presses, CNC punch presses, lasers, and waterjet. Choose MGP for all of your shim needs.

Pre-Cut Alignment Tab Shims

You won't get any sharp edges or burrs with MGP Pre-Cut Alignment Tab Shims. Made from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, MGP tab shims eliminate the need to hand-cut extra shims and MGP tab shims are totally reusable. Order a tab shim kit equipped with a wide range of shim sizes and reduce the need to stack. MGP stocks regular and over-sized slots in A, B, C and D sizes.  Custom sizes AA, E, G and H are available - all up to 1/2" thick. Having the right size shim will save you time and money, and more importantly, will provide you with a more stable alignment.

Laminated Shims

Comprised of .002" or .003" layers of metal foil, laminated shims are coated with a very thin adhesive, then compressed and bonded together into a single, solid sheet. When the sheets are cut into shims, the resultant parts are ideal for the aeronautical, armament, shipbuilding, compressor and many other industries. Because individual layers can be easily peeled off, laminated shims can achieve the close tolerances of precision shims without the time and expense of precision manufacturing. The use of laminated shims also prevents dirt and foreign matter from accumulating between layers. Shims can be fabricated with full laminations, or from 1/2 solid or 3/4 solid stock. All MGP laminated shims are fabricated from sheets manufactured according to AMS-DTL-22499. MGP... Committed to Bring You the Best in Shims.




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